To download and unpack the latest version of libcpucycles:

    wget -m
    wget -m$version.tar.gz
    tar -xzf$version.tar.gz
    cd libcpucycles-$version

Then install.

Archives and changelog (reverse chronological)

libcpucycles-20230115.tar.gz browse

Update actual cpucycles_version behavior to match documentation.

libcpucycles-20230110.tar.gz browse

doc/ Document cpucycles_version().

Add s390x-stckf counter.

cpucycles/default-perfevent.c: Read into int64_t instead of long long. Add comment explaining issues with PERF_FORMAT_TOTAL_TIME_RUNNING.

configure: Improve uname handling.

doc/ Update description of default frequency.

libcpucycles-20230105.tar.gz browse

Version: This is version 2023.01.15 of the "Download" web page.